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As one of China's Elevator suppliers and manufacturers, Sicher Elevator has its own factory, so the price is affordable, there are many Elevator for sale. If you have a cooperative intention, you can contact us.
An elevator is a permanent transport device that serves a number of specific floors within a building, the car of which operates in at least two columns of rigid orbital motion perpendicular to the horizontal plane or inclined at an angle of less than 15° from the plumb line. There is also a step type, and the tread plate is continuously operated on the crawler belt, commonly known as an escalator or a moving walkway. A fixed lifting device that serves the specified floor.
With the increase in design freedom and the full expression of green humanities, we strive to save the building area, enhance the freedom of design, and fully demonstrate the green and humanistic concepts.
The elevator has a smaller size but higher efficiency, saving more space for headroom. The compact small machine room layout reduces overhead space and minimizes construction costs.
The control system is reliable, the running cost is low, the energy loss is less, and the transmission efficiency is higher. At the same time, noise and vibration are greatly reduced, saving space and creating a new ride comfort. High-precision speed control and current control, real-time precise control of the host's rotating torque, ensuring smooth operation of the elevator. According to the speed and load requirements, the frequency can be continuously adjusted, which is about 40% more energy efficient than the traditional drive system.

    Machine Room Bed Elevator

    Model:GRBS20 GRBS20 series machine room hospital bed elevator, with full consideration of the specific environment of hospitals, adopting worldwide cutting-edge modularized computer control...

    Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

    The characteristics of the machine roomless passenger elevator are as follows:
    1) The main engine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of the machine roomless elevator are installed in the...

    Machine Roomless Bed Elevator

    The door opening device of machine roomless bed elevator adopts the frequency conversion control mode. The frequency converter can control the closing speed of the car door very accurately, thus...

    Machine Room Observation Elevator

    We introduce a full set of the latest German control technology and apply new modern materials and the latest processing craft and technique to produce machine room observation elevator. This kind...

    Machine Roomless Observation Elevator

    Machine roomless observation elevator is an electric motor-powered vertical hoist with a box-shaped pod for multi-story building for passengers or cargo. The hoistway wall and the car wall with...

    Traction Freight Elevator

    Traction freight elevator adopts elevator-specific intelligent control system, stable and reliable driving mode, excellent door transmission structure and high-strength car design, which makes it...

    Hydraulic Freight Elevator

    Model: GRFH10 GRFH10 Hydraulic freight elevator has the multiple lifting modes. It is applicable for the elevators with different traveling heights and capacity so as to satisfy various...

    Traction Home Elevator

    The traction home elevator is an elevator drive installed in an elevator hoistway for a wire rope traction elevator including: a transmission, an electric motor in an upright position, a brake,...

    Hydraulic Home Elevator

    Advantages of hydraulic home elevators:
    1. Hydraulic elevators have low requirements for civil structures.
    It does not need a machine room, only one load-bearing wall, the top...

    Machine Room Passenger Elevator

    We know very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas for GRPN20 machine roomless passenger elevator. With great improving on design freedom of motion & full...

    MRL Passenger Elevator

    MRL Passenger Elevator very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas with saving energy and area of structure. It improved design freedom and show the green...

    MR Passenger Elevator

    MR Passenger Elevator, based on the inheritance of modern and highly mature technology, enhances the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system and realizes the advantages of true...