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Bed Elevator

Elevators for transporting medical equipment for hospital beds (including patients) are mainly installed in hospitals and other occasions. The characteristics are that the load capacity and the car area cannot be too small, otherwise it is impossible to carry the rescue equipment such as beds and oxygen bottles and bottle racks.
Safe, stable and reliable, the elevator is designed for hospitals and has a range of functions to achieve optimum performance in demanding patient transport environments.
1.The special needs of the hospital are fully considered in the design process, so that the medical equipment can be easily placed in the elevator, providing more convenience for the medical staff.
2.The humanized details such as wide armrests, car negative ion air purification, and special control boxes for the disabled create a warm and comfortable ride environment for passengers.
3.In order to let patients feel the warm environment of the hospital in real time, in the car decoration, according to the patient psychology and aesthetic principles, the fresh and generous car design and lighting arrangement are used to effectively relieve the patient's nervousness and irritability.
We are one of the professional Bed Elevator manufacturers and suppliers with our own independent factory in China, so we can provide you with a large inventory and preferential prices. We are always looking forward to working with you, welcome to contact us.

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