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Freight Elevator

Freight elevators are designed primarily for the transport of goods, usually accompanied by elevators. The cargo elevator car has a long and narrow character. A motor-powered vertical lift with a box-shaped pod. A fixed lifting device that serves the specified floor. It has a car that runs between at least two columns of vertical rigid rails.
The freight elevator adopts full PC control technology, AC frequency conversion and variable voltage VVVF, which not only has excellent energy saving performance, leveling precision and high load capacity, but also fully considers the user's requirements in design. Therefore, the cost performance of these elevators is very high, and the elevator can be used for vertical transportation of factories, transportation centers, warehouses and vehicles, vertical transportation.
1. The application of products with large load range makes it easy to deal with different load items, which highlights the consistent quality of the products.
2. Variable frequency traction mainframe, light structure, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, safe and stable operation. The traction machine adopts the disc brake, which has large braking torque, ensuring that the cargo elevator can brake effectively and reliably, and prevent the elevator from slipping when it is overloaded.
3. The industry-leading VVVF inverter door machine system can make the switch door speed freely adjustable, the switch door has high stability, energy saving and environmental protection, simple structure, stable operation and high reliability. The light curtain area at the entrance of the elevator makes a sensitive response to any person or object entering its detection area. The whole system is safe and reliable, and runs smoothly.
4. Elevator operation control and drive inverter control are integrated to form a safe and reliable cargo elevator control cabinet.
5. Flexible modular structure Microcomputer control system, four computer modules are placed in the data network system, each processing the corresponding program, accurately and efficiently control all the movements and functions of the elevator. At the same time, the software is modified on site without changing the hardware configuration, and the system parameters are adjusted to facilitate the upgrade and modification of the elevator control.
We are one of the professional Freight Elevator manufacturers and suppliers with our own independent factory in China, so we can provide you with a large inventory and preferential prices. We are always looking forward to working with you, welcome to contact us.

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