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Home Elevator

Compared with the usual organic room, the reasonable civil construction layout makes the machine room area as large as the well, which saves the space of the machine room, and reduces the unique appearance of the machine room. It can adapt to the building with special architectural requirements. Not only reduces the cost of construction, but also helps to inspire the architects to create a majestic piece of art.
1.The cost-effective elevator for private residences uses a lightweight permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, which greatly saves space, reduces the noise and vibration of the elevator operation, and optimizes the layout of the elevators to make the space utilization greatly Upgrade.
2.Safe and reliable, the home elevator acceleration and deceleration and smooth operation, ultra-low noise to create a quiet life.
3.On the basis of inheriting the modern and highly mature technology, the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system are improved, and the advantages of real environmental protection and energy saving are realized.
We are one of the professional Home Elevator manufacturers and suppliers with our own independent factory in China, so we can provide you with a large inventory and preferential prices. We are always looking forward to working with you, welcome to contact us.

    Traction Home Elevator

    The traction home elevator is an elevator drive installed in an elevator hoistway for a wire rope traction elevator including: a transmission, an electric motor in an upright position, a brake,...

    Hydraulic Home Elevator

    Advantages of hydraulic home elevators:
    1. Hydraulic elevators have low requirements for civil structures.
    It does not need a machine room, only one load-bearing wall, the top...