Observation Elevator

Observation Elevator is an electric motor-powered vertical hoist with a box-shaped pod for multi-story building for passengers or cargo. The hoistway wall and the car wall with one or several sides are transparent materials, and the passengers can watch the scenery outside the car while riding the elevator.
The hoistway and the car wall have at least the same side transparent, and the passenger can view the elevator of the car exterior. Mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office buildings, one or several sides of the hoistway wall and the car wall on the same side is transparent material, passengers can watch the scenery outside the car when taking the elevator.
Advanced control technology, convenient for passengers' universal design, the sightseeing elevator takes all measures to provide safer and more comfortable ride feeling for all elevator passengers, eye-catching display and door opening button, voice prompt system, high-sensitivity button and humanized handrail.
The Observation Elevator has a smooth and comfortable ride feeling, and the multi-angled ladder view gives the user a enjoyment and a novelty.
Observation Elevator are widely used in various public and private buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, tourist attractions, and high-end residences. The development, design and construction technology of the sightseeing elevator supporting products, the main products are: elevator steel structure well, point-type Observation Elevator glass curtain wall cover, electric escalator curtain wall cover, and related elevator supporting decoration services. The industries involved include major hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government administrative units, exhibition halls, subway entrances, schools, private villas, etc.
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