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Passenger Elevator

We understand the concept of environmental protection, that is, saving energy and reducing consumption, saving floor space, improving design freedom, and fully embodying the concept of green humanity. Compared with gear elevators of the same load capacity, saving 10% of the building area breaks through the requirements of traditional elevators to set up the engine room, providing unlimited possibilities for the limited space of modern buildings.
The highly integrated multi-computer modular control system controls all the movements and functions of the elevator accurately, delicately and efficiently; and can modify the software on-site without changing the hardware configuration, adjust the system parameters, and facilitate the elevator control.
Humanity and diversified design, unique car decoration scheme, whether for business or leisure, can satisfy your free choice between light and elegant, making the ride more comfortable.
If you are looking for a Passenger Elevator factory, then we recommend Sicher Elevator to you, because we are one of the Passenger Elevator manufacturers and suppliers with years of experience. We promise to provide you with the low price and the best quality products.

    Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

    The characteristics of the machine roomless passenger elevator are as follows:
    1) The main engine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of the machine roomless elevator are installed in the...

    Machine Room Passenger Elevator

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    MRL Passenger Elevator

    MRL Passenger Elevator very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas with saving energy and area of structure. It improved design freedom and show the green...

    MR Passenger Elevator

    MR Passenger Elevator, based on the inheritance of modern and highly mature technology, enhances the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system and realizes the advantages of true...