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The escalator is a combination of a special-structured chain conveyor and two special-structured belt conveyors with a circular motion ladder for up or down between different levels of the building. A fixed electric drive device that tilts to transport passengers. A continuous conveying machine that carries people up and down.
Escalator are generally inclined. Pedestrians standing on the escalator at the end of the escalator will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator, and the steps will remain level. The escalator has two handrails that move synchronously with the steps on both sides for the user to hold. Escalators can always walk in one direction, but most can control the direction of travel according to the needs of time, people flow, etc.
Another pedestrian/transportation tool that is very similar to an escalator is the automatic Sidewalk. The difference between the two is that there is no step in the automatic walkway; most will only walk on the ground or slightly tilt.
1. Adopting the special driving host for escalator, the driving force is strong and stable; the braking is timely and reliable; the protection function is comprehensive; low noise.
2. Advanced microcomputer control system technology, comprehensively control the safety switches of all key parts of the escalator, and maintain uninterrupted monitoring and protection of the running status of the whole machine.
3. The fault self-diagnosis display device helps the maintenance personnel to immediately determine the cause of the fault and find the fault location, which facilitates the maintenance and reduces the downtime due to the fault.
4. The automatic lubrication system controlled by the microcomputer realizes the timed automatic lubrication to ensure low noise and low vibration when the chain roller is running.
We are one of the professional Escalator manufacturers and suppliers with our own independent factory in China, so we can provide you with a large inventory and preferential prices. We are always looking forward to working with you, welcome to contact us.

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