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Guangdong elevator talk about elevator avoid homogenization

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 17, 2018

In recent years, the elevator industry in China has developed rapidly. The products of domestic elevator enterprises are almost synchronous in technology, performance, quality and foreign large enterprises, and have obvious advantages over imported elevators. The elevator industry in China will become the global elevator manufacturing center like textile, clothing, electronics and computer industry, and further absorb the elevator capacity of other parts of the world.

According to the data of guangdong elevator, service income will constitute the main component of income when the elevator population becomes saturated. Green elevator, intelligence, informationization and high-speed elevator will become the trend of product development.

At present, the homogenization of elevator industry is becoming more and more obvious, which mainly shows the homogenization of technology and marketing strategy, which has caused the development of elevator industry to meet the bottleneck. For example, when a new energy-saving technology is applied by an elevator enterprise, other enterprises will soon follow the example, and the technology will not be innovated and the industry will not develop rapidly.

From the perspective of technical analysis, energy saving technology, control technology, safety technology and application of new materials will be the research direction of elevator enterprises. In response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, energy-saving products still occupy the dominant position in the market. In addition, China is a populous country with increasingly precious land resources. In the future, the growth of high-rise buildings will be accelerated, and the demand for high-speed elevators will also increase. At present, an office building often needs to install several elevators, therefore, it is also a technology that requires enterprises to study deeply to realize the intelligent and group control system. In the long run, there is still plenty of room for growth in China's elevator market.

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