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How to deal with some common pantry elevator fault emergency

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

Pantry elevator is widely used in school canteens, hotels, restaurants, libraries, hotels and other occasions. With productivity gains will depend more and more attention and use of the elevator pantry. But whether there will be time to any mechanical failure, and when the pantry elevator malfunction, we should know the method to deal with emergencies, so as not to companies and self-inflicted greater losses.

Disposal pantry elevator when the fire

Fire anywhere can not be avoided, when the fire floor, room attendant food ladder should immediately try to press "fire-fighting" to make pantry elevator into the fire running. Engineering and notified by telephone dial 119 phone alarm.

Within the hoistway or the car fire, they should immediately stop running pantry elevator, after cutting off the power supply for powder extinguisher. Meanwhile, the phone call the Engineering Department. If more fierce fire should dial 119 phone alarm, in order to ensure the safety of persons and property within the high-rise building

Disposal was flooding when the pantry elevator

Pantry elevator shaft when the round after round of flooding should pantry elevator stopped on the second floor above; on the floor when flooding occurs, should pantry elevator stopped on the flooded floor, and then disconnect the power switch and immediately organizers plugging water, treated water dehumidification blocked, such as hot air drying. With a shake table insulation resistance test, when up to standard, you can try Ossetia. After the test ladder properly before put into use.

Pantry lift prohibitions:

1. The elevator is strictly prohibited open pantry elevator car door

2. failure should immediately report to their superiors, the unauthorized processing pantry elevator.

3. pantry elevator running strictly prohibited from entering.

4. When the upper and lower cargo, cargo should be placed in the cargo compartment in the middle, is strictly prohibited in the cargo door in the side.

5. When the elevator cleaning, do not pour the water into the elevator shaft, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

6. pantry elevator, the weight of the goods exceeds the weight lift ban regulations Ann.

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