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How to safely take sightseeing elevator

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 01, 2018

How to safely take sightseeing elevator

Elevator safety has always been highly attention, all kinds of sightseeing elevator safety riding accident happens quite often.Today Sicher elevator co., Ltd.to introduce the elevator sightseeing "four" and "five" point , responsible for our own safety, is also responsible for the safety of others.

The elevator sightseeing "four" :

1, for safety marks. Elevator, the first to see if the elevator has quality and technical supervision issued by the department of safety inspection marks, check whether in the period of validity, both have to ensure safety.

2, look to whether have "stop ladder access" logo. Came to the elevator, passengers should be to see if the elevator with "stop ladder access" logo, if this flag hung, illustrate the elevator is maintenance, passengers don't ride.

3, look to whether overload. Elevator overload easy to cause safety accident, when the elevator due to overload alarm, should take the initiative to quit, waiting for the next train ride again.

4, whether running is normal. After the elevator stopped, passengers in and out of the elevator should be paid attention to observe whether the elevator car floor and floor level, if uneven, existing elevator fault, shall promptly notify the unit using the lift.

The elevator sightseeing "four" :

1, not the elevator door. When the door closed fast, don't force rushed into the elevator, stop the elevator is closed, one foot, one foot out of avoid by all means, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

2, don't just press the emergency button. Emergency button is set to cope with unexpected and normal operation of elevator, don't press the emergency button, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3, do not open the door. Take the elevator if the elevator door is closed operation, malfunction with the elevator, the elevator passengers do not enter to take outside; Already in the elevator passengers cannot jump out of the elevator at run time, in order to avoid unnecessary harm, should stay in the elevator, according to the following emergency "four steps" bailout.

In case a fire occurs in a 4, don't take the elevator. When a fire, passengers are forbidden to use elevators, should choose safe exit to escape stairs.

Trapped personnel emergency "four steps" :

Step 1: keep calm, stable mood, don't to the elevator eversion climb;

Step 2: find the elevator emergency alarm devices, and through the alarm device to the outside world for help;

Step 3: check the elevator inside to see if they offer call, dial the call out for help;

Step 4: after sent a distress message outwards, under the guidance of professionals take relevant measures, not to pry the door without authorization, grilled door, such as false self-help action, should open the door in the elevator for professional rescue, elevator flat layer, under the guidance of professionals quickly leave the elevator.

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