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Interesting national elevator etiquette elevator tribe do you know?

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2018

When you are abroad, you will be in an elevator. If you do not understand the etiquette of other countries, you will be embarrassed. Here are some of the elevator etiquette rules that you are familiar with.

Americans don't press the door button

If you look at the Hollywood movies, the bad guys always turn off the elevator doors when they see someone coming. In the United States, however, people rarely touch the door button in an elevator, just to avoid having to seat themselves and the villains in the movie and TV series. When americans enter the elevator, no one will press the button to close the door, and many people will press the door button enthusiastically.

South koreans take the elevator to "arrange seats"

In Korea, where everything is special, don't say it is a bus, eat, or shopping, which is a small problem in the elevator. Which position is the "upper seat"? For south koreans, there are also priorities inside the elevator. "Upper" is the most backward position on the side of the elevator button; Next to this position; The worst "next seat" is the position next to the operating plate, because the person is going to press the button on the floor, which is the equivalent of "driver".

The French are very gentlemanly

At France, you may be in some restaurant with a long history to see a special kind of elevators, besides capsules inside the decoration is very magnificent, the greatest characteristic of this kind of elevator and comfortable soft seat! In such an elevator, a gentleman's Frenchman would certainly give his seat to an old man, a child, or a lady. If there is someone to take a seat, it will make headlines.

Common etiquette

What will you do if someone presses the door button in the elevator and waits for you to get on the elevator? In fact, no matter in the foreign country, most people see someone in the elevator waiting for him, will make a small run, to show that do not delay other people's time. But according to the research show that the pedestrian walk from the original state into a trot, actually need to stop doing the launching position, the consumption of the process rather than walk straight need more time. It is this seemingly wasted time that can win the favor of the passengers in the elevator, otherwise it may be considered rude and unpolite. It can be seen that sometimes attitude is more important than the result.

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