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Pantry elevator Construction What are the advantages

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

Pantry elevator, by definition, is a special elevator for conveying food products. Then, the transmission and the elevator is not an ordinary elevator same? In fact, the transfer elevator is manned with ordinary elevator different. Pantry elevator and floor window is divided into two, windowed pantry elevator from the ground will have a height of about one meter, the height of the general staff of the waist and flush sill is equivalent to a simple working platform work in some of the above can be a simple operation. Window conveyor lift for transporting a number of small items, using a wide range. Pantry floor-elevator is directly connected with the ground, according to user traffic demands can select a different size, users can directly in the use of carts or promote direct diner food ladder, this point than the window conveyor Elevator lot easier, you can save a lot of human resources. Thus creating more economic benefits.

The new alloy materials Sikkim moment pantry elevator traction machine worm used with high transmission performance, wear resistance, low noise and low temperature, and the host, which can greatly improve the life of the elevator pantry and barriers occur, pantry elevator door ways as technology continues to evolve and improve, and now the elevator door pantry flexible manner, with traditional single common elevator door and the door of the way through, but also to meet some customers rectangular open the door . Pantry elevator, meal ladder, food ladder, Elevator Users can also choose according to their needs traction host businesses will provide pantry elevator standard 0.4M / S traction hosts, and can replace a small truck freight elevators or to enhance the speed of 1.0m / s hoisting host, user-friendly use.

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