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Select the elevator notes

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 06, 2018

Select the elevator notes.

1. Elevator grade positioning.

Standard of elevator grade positioning:

A. The manufacturer of the elevator must be an enterprise specializing in the production of elevators, and the registered capital shall not be less than 100 million yuan.

B. The important parts of the elevator should have the leading technology, such as the passenger ladder, the tractor of the tourist elevator, which is the permanent magnet synchronous, the door machine of the car is the variable frequency regulating speed regulating door machine and adopts the light screen protection. Safety devices such as safety tongs, speed limiters and buffers must be made by professional manufacturers.

C. It is best to use smart or variable frequency escalator and no machine room or small computer room frequency-conversion elevator and sightseeing elevator.

2. Determine the main parameters of transportation capacity.

Escalator: quantity, width of steps, Angle of inclination,

Elevator: rated load, rated speed, maximum height, quantity, several floors.

3. Technical performance that needs to be considered -- reliability, advancement and comfort.

Reliability refers to the ability of the elevator system to maintain the specified function within the specified time. Our requirement for the reliability of the elevator is that the failure should be as low as possible in the running time, and it is easy to rule out the failure.

This requires us to choose the manufacturer of high reliability, the elevator configuration is better, and it is better to have a special maintenance team in the local area.

The advanced nature of elevator is mainly embodied in drag and control technology. VVVF is the energy saving and efficient drag technology of the manufacturers. Microcomputer control system of elevator to realize intelligent control, in use, low failure rate, high reliability, strong anti-interference comfort refers to acceleration, vibration and noise of the lift, decoration, lighting indicators such as impact on the human senses. The noise is mainly generated by the traction machine, and the noise is selected as a small tractor. The excellent control system can reduce vibration and increase the comfort.

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