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The origin of a comfortable and smooth elevator

Sicher Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 01, 2018

Detail is the important factor 

If we ignore the effect of electricity on the elevator. It turns out that the elevator is just an automatic lift. The earliest lifters appeared in the Nero dynasty, where the ruler of the dynasty was known as Nero. Perhaps you are a little strange, how can a notorious tyrant have kung fu to study and invent?

It turned out that Nero's greatest hobby was watching the gladiators fight with the beasts, but watching them around the arena, they sometimes saw only one Angle, not the whole picture. Disrelish oneself look enough, enough, Nero ordered the Colosseum dug a pit wall, also created a rope hanging board to rise of homemade levelers, the gladiator and from underground to the wall of the pit to kill wild animals.

In this way, he can watch the details of the gladiator carefully.

Slower than walking

Nero's lift, though manned by human beings, is, in our modern eyes, the prototype of the elevator. In 1887, the American company Otis made the world's first elevator and installed it in New York's demarys building. People in the building are flocking to see the high-tech feel. But who knows the speed of the elevator is so slow that it can only walk about 10 meters per minute, which is much slower than walking!

Desperate people eventually couldn't bear the slow speed of the first elevator, and the staircase became the best choice. Poor elevator catch can be used by people who are tired of walking, and its rising speed gives people a good place to rest and breathe. Although the elevator was overqualified, its tragic experience also reminded scientists that the speed of the elevator was very important.

Don't try to be aggressive

In 1902, Switzerland's schindler developed the world's first button automatic elevator. The automatic elevator is completely automatic control mode, and greatly improves the transmission capacity and the safety of the lift, speed and improved many times, of course, is the first elevator left behind.

So why are elevators free to rise and fall? The basic principle is this: when a balance drops, the load platform rises. The principle of the lift, it is said, as early as the egyptians built the pyramids have been used, the enormous brick is not like the outside world legend, was done with the help of the aliens, in fact, they are the ancient egyptians used pieces hanging up the rise and fall of the original system. However, the truth of this statement still needs to be evaluated.

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