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Moving Walk

A moving walkway is a fixed electric drive with a recirculating (plate or belt) walkway for transporting passengers at a horizontal or inclined angle of no more than 12°. The moving walkway is suitable for places where people, such as stations, terminals, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls, and stadiums, are concentrated. The structure is similar to that of an escalator and consists mainly of two parts: the movable pavement and the handrail. Usually, the movable road surface does not form a stepped shape when it is inclined.
Efficient and reliable drive host, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation;
Super national standard safety requirements, insist on the apron board anti-pinch device for the automatic sidewalk;
Unique shock-absorbing and anti-noise structure, full polyurethane roller, long life, low noise during operation, low vibration and good comfort, so that passengers feel comfortable, smooth and quiet during the trip.
Patented step protection system, non-slip high-strength aluminum alloy pedal, more than 39 safety real-time detection box safety protection switches; fully automatic lubrication system, application of multiple energy-saving technologies, saving users operating costs at all times.
The streamlined armrest entrance, the luxurious stainless steel handrail rails, everything from the component structure to the material surface, from color matching to gloss treatment, are carefully crafted.
Fully automatic lubrication system, lubrication frequency and duration are controlled and monitored by the control system.
No manual intervention is required to lubricate the step chain by simply adding lubricant to the maintenance cycle.
We are one of the professional Moving Walk manufacturers and suppliers with our own independent factory in China, so we can provide you with a large inventory and preferential prices. We are always looking forward to working with you, welcome to contact us.

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