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Design Essentials For Escalators
Jan 22, 2018


The mechanical device of the escalator is suspended under the floor of the floor. The floor is decorated with a decorative shell, and a pit is made at the bottom. At the upper part of the machine room, there are metal moving floors for maintenance.


From the fire safety consideration, every floor of the hotel has an opening of the escalator, and the open area around the hotel should be equipped with fireproof rolling curtain and water curtain nozzle, and the distance between the sprinkler head is 2m. When the escalator and the floor are interlinked automatically, the staircase should be arranged in the nearest way.


In quick hotel design to prevent passenger head, hand out escalators column board squeezed injured, escalators and moving sidewalks and parallel walls, railings and floor opening edges and the adjacent parallel ladder armrest with horizontal distance should not be less than 0.4 m.