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Elevator "Personal Tailor
Apr 22, 2016

In the new exhibition center is located in the southern edge of home building materials flagship center, the reporter saw, home elevator control system used in all intelligent, but compared with the public elevators, home elevators more compact structure, covers an area of only about two square meters, 5 adults standing on the inside a bit crowded.

According to reports, "Personal Tailor" mainly for high-end home elevator villa owners group, and expensive, according to the standard configuration for a two-storey villa to install a home elevator, priced at 15 yuan, higher allocation It can reach several million dollars. Site staff told reporters that if the conditions are met, the fastest one week can be installing a home lift.

"Start in December, basically every day, one or two orders, our goal next year is to install the Fuzhou region of 500 high-end home elevator." Fast elevator company chairman Zhang Fan introduced following the first elevator products faster Branch city center opening the future will be to promote the country