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Escalator Additional Brakes Are Installed On That Part And How It Works
Jan 19, 2018

According to the understanding of the escalator additional brake probably by braking electric switch, brake canvas pieces, and additional brake wheel, additional brake wheel installed in the side of the main driving wheel, the attached brake wheel structure is a great circle round, average distribution above a 8 bit teeth, the great circle round rotating along with the main driving wheel.

Main drive wheel is traction machine (motor) drive, the main driving wheel rotation is the whole cascade chain drive up, something unexpected happens, such as motor drives the main drive wheel chain break off, so is the main driving wheel control, random movements, according to the principle of gravity, cascade has a certain weight, all steps will be slipping down.

So when accidents, additional brake plays a decisive role, accident, a signal is immediately transferred to additional brake electric switch, the electrical power switch, brake the brake, is to the whereabouts of canvas pieces quickly said above to additional bit tooth on brake wheel, the wheel stuck to realize the brake.