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Escalator Structure And Propulsion System
Jan 22, 2018


Escalator running principle, mainly adopted in the quick hotel design a simple technology, mechanical and electrical system of electric motor transmission and safety brake drag two chain drive unit, and each steps are connected to the chain, through the rolling roll, pedal then along the track in the structure of the main loop, and hand strap on the pedal and pedal synchronous operation with the corresponding speed.


The electric mechanism of escalator is set under floor, which needs to occupy a large space. The ground floor should be set up pit for electric machinery installation, and waterproof treatment. The escalator should have enough holes in the floor.


The escalator has a strong decorative effect on the interior of the hotel. The handrails are made of special wear resistant tape, which have many colors. The board is divided into glass, stainless steel, decorative panel and so on. Sometimes auxiliary with lamps and lanterns lighting, to enhance its beauty.