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Precautions For Installation Of Construction Elevators.
Mar 19, 2018

1. The driver of the construction elevator must be trained in special safety technology, passed the examination and held the certificate. Strict drinking.

2. The driver must be familiar with the performance, construction, maintenance and maintenance of the elevator, and fill in the mechanical resume and the prescribed report in time.

3. No combustible, combustible materials and other sundries shall be piled up within 5m of the construction elevator. No trench, pit or groove shall be dug in this area. The elevator floor feeder should be equipped with a protective shed.

4. When the ladder cage is repaired, if the parts are removed and the weight of the ladder is lower than the weight, the ladder cage must be locked on the guide rail.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the derrick of the construction elevator to support the cable signs and other elevator irrelevant articles.

6. The tower crane or other hoisting machinery of the same site shall be more than 5m from the construction elevator and shall have reliable anti-collision measures.

7. After installation of the construction elevator, it must be checked and accepted by the relevant personnel before being put into use.